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The First Pavilion

A space inspired by the first pavilion we all ever made. The one made from chairs, a table and dining cloth.

Infinitely reconfigurable, ‘the first pavilion’ hosts talks, serves drinks, hosts a danceparty, poetry readings and live music.

The 2018 SPACE10 pavilion invites CHART attendees to participate, drawing on their artistic imaginations, adapting the pavilion’s form and programme to their own possibilities.

Simple geometric objects create a framework for light-hearted artistic experimentation on a large scale.

Each playful modular element is formed from reconstituted, recycled foam. They can be sat on, assembled, piled high, gathered or dispersed. As the event draws to a close, attendees are invited to take the beautifully crafted modules home with them, leaving just a simple shell of a pavilion in their wake. The true meaning of reusable design is implemented as the modules are put to new use in homes across the city.

The primary structure is constructed entirely from a hireable standard European stage rig such as Eurotruss’ HD System or similar.
This enables all of the structure to be expediently assembled and disassembled after the event. Ensuring a minimum carbon footprint, the structure can then be returned.

These trusses are boxed-out using 10mm recyclable honeycomb cardboard which is attached to the truss-system with zip-ties. Following the event, the cardboard can be donated for re-use or recycled.

The cardboard is dressed with sustainably-sourced felt which we will precisely tailor to form fluted edges. Cuts and penetrations are kept to a minimum to ensure maximum possibility for re-use.

We propose that natural felt will be specified to ensure maximum sustainability and recyclability of the entire pavilion.

Produced in collaboration with Archie Cantwell & Hugh Diamond